Welcome to KAPS Institute of Management

We are a provider of high quality nationally accredited vocational education courses.

Our aim is to provide students with a powerful and caring learning environment. As such, we are committed to ensuring our teaching and learning processes are highly innovative and engaging.
Our resources reflect this commitment. By completing our courses, students can expect to gain valuable knowledge, skills and industry experience to stand them in good stead for work or further studies.
Our dedicated staff and management team have a strong reputation in education and industry and are committed to ensuring your success. We offer more than just a qualification. We offer comprehensive student support.
We believe a supportive and caring learning environment is a springboard for students to experience success and enjoy their studies. KAPS encourages the integration of life and cultural experiences.
At KAPS, we place a high value on life-long learning. We expect our graduates to have a strong work ethic and to do their very best. Thank you for considering KAPS. We trust that you will maximise your opportunities to make your study experience a most memorable and worthwhile one.